Bruce Copen Systeme

High-end technology "Made in Germany

Our product range is completely designed, developed, constructed and manufactured in Germany.
Our suppliers come from the region and the devices are assembled by skilled personnel in our factory in Krailing / Munich.
The safety of the devices has been ensured through research, testing and professional exchange with recognised with recognised specialist institutes and laboratories.

Copen ScopeQ / Qbit

The professional and cost-effective introduction to quantum medicine.

ScopeQ enables a comprehensive energetic analysis of a biological system. Around 60,000 specific information patterns are available for subsequent balancing. These can be potentized as desired and transferred to carrier material (e.g. unmedicated neutral globules).

Copen Scope / Mars III

Fit for all requirements with high-end technology

Based on current knowledge from quantum medicine, the Copen Scope analyzes energetic deficits within a few minutes and enables a directly subsequent balancing of the disturbed areas. With over 60,000 specific information patterns included and the option to store your own information patterns, to potentize them as desired and to transfer them to carrier materials (e.g. unmedicated neutral globules), you have a maximum of independence and individual customization options.

Copen SuperTuning

Quick to learn and easy to handle

Copen SuperTuning software is used to analyze the need for effective biotriggers and to localize imbalances. The underlying frequencies are made visible on the computer monitor via color scales and color markings indicate which areas should be harmonized. The targeted harmonization and stabilization is carried out either by means of transmission of scalar wave patterns, automatically determined acoustic signals, by a specially developed bio-essence and/or via a precisely calibrated high-power colored light application.

Copen RemedyPro / RemedyPrinter

Your digital energetic pocket pharmacy with over 60,000 test and therapy frequencies

Over 60,000 remedies can be electronically simulated and potentized as desired using the QuantumResponse® technology. In addition, energetic information patterns of existing substances can be read into the software and all information patterns contained in the database can be transferred to carrier substances (e.g. unmedicated neutral globules). RemedyPro is available for iPhone, iPad or iPod touch.

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